Orthodontic Office Design – Porth (Personalized Orthodontics)

January 8, 2018 by Felipe Lopez.

Porth is a 1,637 square foot, 5 chair orthodontic practice in Sammamish, WA run by Dr. Rooz Khosravi. The Dr. was looking for a design and layout that felt open, airy, and bright. The suite is located in the corner a 4 story building so we took advantage of all the large windows in the space to begin to create a dynamic contrast between the lush green landscape and the more modern and neutral palette we developed for the interior. We incorporated a lighter wood which we clad in a unique pattern around the consultation room and a few other locations around the suite to add a level of warmth throughout. The Waiting room also has an eclectic mixture of seating styles, from higher bar tops, custom benches, and lounge seating as the Dr. wanted this space to feel more like a living room promoting interaction among patients. Learn more about Dr. Khosravi and his practice at www.porth.io