Ortho Inc. Coming To Flagstaff, AZ

June 10, 2013 by Joe Church.

As a continued expansion of his Orthodontics, Inc. brand, Joe Wilson, DMD, MSD recently purchased an existing orthodontics practice in Flagstaff, AZ.  Having just completed the construction of his Gallup, NM office, Dr. Wilson has once again selected JoeArchitect to help define the vision and lead the design for his newest office.

2013 05 14 - Ortho, Inc Flagstaff - Existing Conditions - 005

Originally built in 1964 as an addition to an existing medical office building, Dr. Wilson has asked JoeArchitect to transform the space from a basic 1960s-era dental office into an engaging, technologically and spatially modern environment to compliment the quality of orthodontic and dental care practiced by his team.

 2013 05 14 - Ortho, Inc Flagstaff - Existing Conditions - 034
First Step:  Schematic Design

The initial step in this effort is to develop a master plan for the office that provides the full function and capacity of an Orthodontics, Inc facility.  Close attention must be paid in the layout so the phased transformation can be implemented with minimal construction disruption to patient care.  While the current layout is only partially utilized, the master plan seeks to make full, efficient use of the nearly 2,100 square foot space.  With 4 chairs in the orthodontic open bay, 2 dental operatories, and a fully-enclosed surgical suite, the master plan provides the groundwork for an Orthodontics, Inc. destination in Flagstaff.
2013 05 29 - Orthodontics, Inc - Flagstaff - Schematic Design - Option III
The next design phase is Design Development, during which JoeArchitect will transform the 2-dimensional layout and flow of Schematic Design into a fully 3-dimensional space.  Stay tuned for all of the progress!