Advanced Orthodontic in Time-Lapsed View

February 8, 2014 by Joe Church.

“Often during construction we notice the major progress milestones, but once the project is complete it can be difficult to remember the transformation.  Thanks to our friends at Denco Dental Construction, we can relive the construction of Advanced Orthodontics from two different views in less than a minute!  Advanced Orthodontics is the office of Benjamin, Larrabee, DDS and located in Mesa, AZ.  This 3,888 sq ft office features clean lines and a mixture of neutrals against pops of turquoise and lime green for a fresh space.

Our contractor positioned two different cameras throughout the space and took pictures regularly from start to finish.  One camera captured the front office transformation, while the other camera was positioned to photograph the open bay operatory.  These two spaces are key to the overall office, from your first impression when you walk in to the operatory bay where you interact with your orthodontic team.
Sit back and enjoy this unique view of Advanced Orthodontics!”

Front Office

Advanced Orthodontics Day 48 - Entry

Back Office

Day 47 - Rear