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JoeArchitect is a full service architectural and interior design firm located in Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo), just across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Art. We are the established leader in dental, orthodontic and dental specialty office design in North America, combining award winning design with our broad knowledge of the various technical systems. The firm has worked extensively along the Colorado Front Range and has completed over 400 dental projects across the US and Canada. Reciprocal licensing allows us to work throughout North America and beyond.

We currently have projects that are active or completed in the following states/provinces: Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, the Principality of Monaco, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Saskatchewan, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. In 2013 JoeArchitect made its first foray outside the continent, working with dental professionals in the Principality of Monaco and Australia.

Our foundation

At JoeArchitect, we pride ourselves on our ability to guide the doctor seamlessly through the process of designing and building a dental office. Most of our clients have never experienced the design & construction process and look to us to lead them through the challenges. Like most dental professionals, their free time is scarce so they rely on us to communicate with them in a clear and succinct manner and to be respectful of their time. We achieve this by working with our Project Development Schedule, a well honed tool that helps keep the team on-time and on-track.

Successful design & construction is a result of unselfish collaboration. JoeArchitect will assist the doctor in assembling a team of like-minded organizations with a shared focus on serving the client.  With our experience on over 400 dental offices, we have learned that mutual respect is the ingredient that separates a good team from a great one.

In addition to the doctor and his/her staff, a successful dental project involves a team of dedicated professionals working in concert to create a first class facility. Typically, this collaborative effort will include the architect, lender, tenant representative, general contractor, dental equipment specialist and IT vendor among others. JoeArchitect will provide leadership and will serve as your advocate throughout the process, ensuring that your best interest is Priority No. 1.

The Process

Simply stated, every dental project involves 3 basic steps in the following sequence: 1-Discovery, 2-Design and 3-Construction.  To jump ahead in the sequence without completing the previous step is putting the cart before the horse.  It is this investment of time spent during the Discovery and Design phases that will determine the success of the project in Construction.


JoeArchitect starts every project with a Dental Office Design Questionnaire.  It is a tool that we have developed, and utilize with great success, to better understand the doctor’s goals for their new office.  It addresses all the programmatic functions of a dental and dental specialty facility, from front-of-house to the clinical areas, and allows us to tailor the design to the needs and wishes of the end-user. This information also allows us to provide the doctor with an accurate proposal for our services based on the size and complexity of their project.


Good design is not synonymous with expensive design. Good design is a function of proper planning in advance of construction. By assembling the proper team, and providing them the tools to do what they do best, you give yourself and your practice the best opportunity for success. At JoeArchitect we are a seasoned group of architects and interior designers who can address all of your dental design needs. While each of our design professionals has dozens of successful offices under their belt, every office is designed specifically to that doctor’s unique vision.


Quality of construction and attention to detail mean nothing without a thoughtful design and a thorough set of construction drawings. That being said, JoeArchitect has had the distinct pleasure to work with some of the top commercial general contractors in the United States and Canada. In cities where we have worked many times, we are familiar with the construction talent on-the-ground. In regions where we are working for the first time, we work closely with the doctor to identify qualified local general contractors in order to determine the best fit for a specific client or a particular project.

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